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of america? >> reporter: it's your fault, chuck. as we started this segment both of you said we fear change. here in the u.s. consumers fear change. >> more so than europeans. >> reporter: absolutely. europeans tend to move a little bit more in lock step when it comes to social order. here people are so -- die this story this morning and i can tell you i got a dozen of emails from people saying you will never path chip in my body. >> bob is saying we're part of the body. >> marching in lock step on the european stuff. that may get you in trouble too. >> bob sullivan, very interesting. thank you. >> thank you. >>> trivia time. we asked which former member of congress learned to fly before learning to drive. well look that. the answer it's former congresswoman heather wilson. the new mexico republican she of course threw her hat in this week for the senate seat of retiring senator jeff bingham. she's an air force veteran. there you go. she learned to fly before learning to drive. >> out west big open spaces. maybe an airplane is a better mode of transportation. coming up next the power of the
brought to you by your natural gas producers across america. seriously. at what point do we take control of our own destiny instead of worrying about moammar gadhafi. i got to tell it you, those fashion outfits are bitching. i need those headdresses. >> i'm going to have fortytude and like it. >> stick around for "the daily rundown" with chuck and savannah. >>> moammar gadhafi now a powerful offensive. the rebels consider asking for outside help but would the u.s. answer the call? as american warships head to the region just what is the u.s. military willing to offer? >>> oil futures rise above $100 a barrel a day after the dow slumped 1.5%. we'll check where the market is headed before the opening bell today. >>> and flip-flop already? or just a communications mix-up. we'll get to the bottom of newt announcing for president thursday debacle. chuck has the back story. good morning. wednesday, march 2nd, 2011. i'm savannah guthrie. >> i'm chuck todd. amazing what making sure you have two sources do and can keep you out of trouble. we'll get more into that. all of that plus does michael hu
are traveling with the president in south america. we will hear from them later this hour. >>> let's get right to the run down, we begin with operation odyssey dawn in libya. punishing air strikes drove pro-gadhafi forces further from home base last night though it is unclear where gadhafi is at this hour. rebels celebrated after u.s., british and french planes demolished libyan tanks and took out air defenses. overnight the opposition said it had regained almost 40 miles of territory. colonel gadhafi appears to have escaped harm in the attack on his administration building. he has though warned of a long war and said he'd open up the government's arsenal to arm his supporters. >>> on sunday defense secretary robert gates reiterated that the u.s. has no plans to send in ground forces and says the u.s. would scale back its role soon. >> we expect that in a matter of days to be able to turn over the primary responsibility to others. we will continue to support the coalition, we will be a member of the coalition, we will have a military role in the coalition. but we will not have the preeminent r
®. somewhere in america... there's a home by the sea powered by the wind on the plains. there's a hospital where technology has a healing touch. there's a factory giving old industries new life. and there's a train that got a whole city moving again. somewhere in america, the toughest questions are answered every day. because somewhere in america, more than sixty thousand people spend every day answering them. siemens. answers. >>> as we continue following the breaking news coming out of japan, u.s. mill officials have told nbc news that the japanese government has asked for assistance in responding to the earthquake and tsunami, and now those tsunami waves are starting to be felt in hawaii and the west coast is next. northern and central california could see tsunami waves as high as 7 feet. they're expected to arrive between one and two hours from now. nbc's miguel almaguer is live for us this morning in newport beach, california. miguel, folks just waking up there on the west coast. what preparations are they taking? >> reporter: yeah, savannah, they are taking many preparations this mor
sharing, of spreading the international support, of making sure that america isn't blame or perceived as america against libya without any of the burdens. if you're going to take that position and say you want to be just a supporter, then you have to deal with the fact that in the international community, without american leadership, it is very complex. one of the reasons why the united states ends up taking the lead, say, in kosovo or in bosnia or in iraq or in afghanistan is because absent american leadership, these organizations often don't function. you know, one of the acronyms for nato is "needs america to act" or "to operate," n-a-t-o. but right now they can't quite get it through nato because the united states isn't committing to its normal role as running the operation and bearing roughly half the costs and risks. >> let me ask you, the other day in el salvador, we had a news conference with the president, i asked him what the exit strategy was for the u.s. from this military action in libya. and essentially what he said is, the exit strategy is coming within days. it's not g
, but first, our washington speak of the day. >>> america has unique capabilities. >> we will provide the unique capabilities. >> unique capabilities. >> unique capabilities that can accomplish things that are unique. >> unique capabilities, you have heard this from ever senior official including the president. they argue the united states is in the best position to lead the campaign because of the, quote, unique capabilities of the u.s. military. jamming of signals, intelligence support and fueling these unique capabilities seem to have worked so far as the u.s. and coalition forces have wiped out most of libya's air defenses and established a no fly zone although it will require more unique capabilities going forward. the daily rundown at [ male announcer ] if you have type 2 diabetes, you struggle to control your blood sugar. you exercise and eat right, but your blood sugar may still be high, and you need extra help. ask your doctor about onglyza, a once daily medicine used with diet and exercise to control high blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes. adding onglyza
states of america is different. and as preside i refuse to wait for the images of slaughter and mass graves before taking action. >> president obama defends the mission in libya, arguing both american interest and american values demanded action. in libya, the speech was very popular with the rebels. the fight this morning is at the doorstep of gadhafi's hometown of sirte. rebels facing heavy rocket fire. we're live from libya. >>> with radiation still on the rise and plutonium now in the soil, how do the japanese keep the reactor from melting down while preventing toxic water from leaking out everywhere? i'm chuck todd. good morning, everyone, i'm savannah guthrie. also this morning, will the supreme court permit a massive sex discrimination suit against walmart to proceed? it's a giant case with big time implications for working women. we'll get to that. we're going to begin with a developing story this morning out of syria. less than an hour ago state television reported that the entire syrian cabinet has resigned. this comes amid the country's worst unrest in decades and an incre
over with the american public. quinnipiac found that 47% oppose america's involvement there and 41% support it. nearly three quarters of americans fear the u.s. will get drawn into a long-term conflict. msnbc's jim maceda is live for us on the phone from tripoli. jim, it seemed there was all this optimism 24 hours ago from the president, from secretary clinton. today, it doesn't look so good. >> no, chuck, it doesn't look good at all. you are right. on monday, we were reporting based on some reports that rebels had made it all the way to the cert, which is gadhafi's home down. it looked terrible for tripoli and everyone. the momentum has swung back in favor of gadhafi. let's take a look at what has actually happened. first of all, the rebels a couple of weeks ago were facing no resistance at all. there were the air strikes between benghazi. that wiped out any force. it was a cake walk for the rebels. yesterday morning, they hit a wall of fire, not just artillery but coming from local armed m militia. this was clearly gadhafi country they had entered. this counter attack in ras lano
at home president obama insists the radiation poses no threat to the u.s. america's top nuclear expert says he expects this crisis to go on and last for weeks. >>> japan's nuclear agency has now raised the severity level of the crisis at the fukushima plant from a 4 to a 5 putting it on par with what we had in this country at three-mile island. robert bazell is nbc's chief science correspondent, live in tokyo. robert, explain what's going on, the very latest at the plant and also the increased rate from a 4 to a 5. >> reporter: good morning, thomas. the increased rate has to do with the fact that it has effects beyond the blast. we know there's high levels of radiation at the plant and we're hearing these reports of hotspots in different places. now the levels of radiation that are away from the plant site still are not significant health risks, no matter where they are in the levels that they've been detected yet. the big danger remains that there's going to be some kind of explosion or massive release of radiation from those fuel rods that were in pools that are now drained, at least
issues. penny nance is ceo of concerned women for america and david from is a former speech writer for george w. bush and they both join us here for this debate. i want to start it off with a poll number. it came about because mitch daniels talked about this idea of, hey, let's call a truce on social issues for four years while we focus on the economy for the next presidential election. we asked that of republican primary voters are you more likely or less likely to vote for a candidate who focus more on economy than social issues. 65% said more likely. 8% said less likely. pen penny, what do you take of this? i know about iowa conservative caucus goers, that's a different campaign. does that surprise you? >> not really considering the economy is in the tank and jobs are so difficult right now. but i would refer to a different poll, could someone for america conducted a poll with the polling company on election day of actual voters. and asked them, what did you vote on, what issues brought you to the poll. 75% said the economy, as we would expect. 63% said moral values. and that nu
all solution. but the fact is that america is the country in the world that can galvanize action, not get others to follow a decision that hasn't been made. we have to make a decision. we have to decide what's the right course of action, pursue it diplomatically, pursue it without the kind of, you know, tone of the bush administration that alienated so many. but it seems to me, from a lot of the comments that have been made in the last few weeks, that we have lawyers worrying about applying caution when we need leaders applying strategies. it's time for the united states to take the lead, to say that we are going to take reasonable steps to stop libya from using its air force as a big advantage. i think arming the rebels is an open question, because of all the dangers of that. but at a minimum, given all that's happened in that part of the world and given our desire to see this outcome, we need to do something now. it's time to stop talking about all the problems, raising all the red flags, yes, there are robes e reasons to be cautious. i think getting our air power, to deny gadh
america by a few hours anyway after a week dominated by the events in libya. our own savannah guthrie questioned the president directly about the libyan campaign at his final press conference in el salvador. she's saided ba edheaded back t. >> reporter: the president had a news conference in el salvador yesterday and i asked him about the end game in libya. >> as long as gadhafi remains in power, unless he changes his approach and provides the libya people an opportunity to express themselves freely and there are significant reforms in the libyan government, unless he is willing to step down, that there's still going to be potential threats toward the libyan people. and we will continue to support the efforts to protect the libyan people, but we will not be in the lead. >> reporter: so, the president acknowledged that this mission in libya could be open-ended, but he really emphasized that u.s. forces are most involved at the beginning stages and he expects the transition to an allied-led mission to happen in a matter of days, not weeks. he said specifically he didn't think it would b
. laying out a plan to cut america's reliance on foreign oil. can he do it? >>> and still to come, we're going to talk to the donald. he says we need to be taking him more seriously about this idea of him running for president. would america tell him you're hired for presidency? we had to go there once. and is challenging president obama's citizenship simply an attempt to win over the tea party? >>> but first, a look ahead at the president's scheduled today. it's publicly pretty idle. you're watching "the daily rundown," only on msnbc. those w grass doesn't turn green just because the calendar says to. and that a big difference can grow from a small budget. for those of us with grass on our sneakers... dirt on our jeans... and a lawn that's as healthy as our savings... the days are about to get a whole lot greener. ♪ more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. we're lowering the cost of well-grounded plants. with miracle-gro garden soil for just $3.97. matter which position i am in i wake up feeling good. it fits you so perfectly... it fits you. you wake up and you'
together and purple america or whether it's his most terrific moment, sad though it was recently in tucson where he talked about the need for healing and summon that up, on those levels of vision, grand vision, i think he's very, very good, and that's what people responded to. they didn't respond -- they responded to leadership, but on specifics, on here answer how we're going to get there, here's what we need to do, here's why we need to do it, not as good. >> ruth marcus writer of "the washington post" and getting some viewer e-mail with the west wing. >> i love this topic. we could go a long time. >> ruth, thank you. good to have you here. >>> let's do our trivia, which two rhode island politicians' fathers were roomies at yale in the 1940s? >> what were they doing at yale? shouldn't they have been at brown? the answer, governor lincoln chaffee and senator sheldon whitehouse. >>> coming up, america takes sides in the showdown over unions and the idea of collective bargaining. >>> plus, how the. stacks up against possible republican opponents of the 2012 race, and there are two republica
between millionaires and billionaires which could shut down america's most popular sport and have an economic impact on a city near you. the clock is running down on those nfl negotiation. >> another sport story. what happened off the court. the college basketball star suspended for having sex with his girlfriend. we will get into that in a little bit. first our washington speak today. >> we were in a little bit of mission creep, i think, in afghanistan. there's only so much we will be able to do until we leave. >> mission creep. webb saying continued u.s. involvement in afghanistan, mission creep is what people say when they talk about military operations in foreign countries increase and gradually demanding further commitment of personnel and resources. my brother, who is in the military, said when his wife tells him to do something around the house and adds more things, he calls that mission creep. >> honey-do mission creep. nothing starts your day like honey roasted, honey bunches of oats. with a kiss of golden honey. and the same calories per serving as special k original. wh
left corner of the battleground map of the united states of america. i love this. nevada, arizona, new mexico. they have a couple of things in common. all of them have retiring senators. jeff bingham in new mexico, jon kyl, and ensign. yes, the obama fans believe they can put arizona in play. tell me the party that wins two of those states in the senate and the president and you'll know who wins president. >> and then how involved will the obama administration be in picking and recruiting senate candidates for that reason. >> they only care about the senate races -- they don't want somebody that hurts them. they certainly want somebody that can win the seat or run well with them on the ticket, hint hint, hispanic candidates. just saying. >> since you brought it up, the presidential campaign is starting to show signs of life on the republican side. a thousand miles away from washington, potential republican candidates gathered in iowa last night, a forum on social values. it's kind of the unofficial start of the iowa caucuses. >> are you ready to begin the process of choosing barack oba
of america's gun control laws in an op-ed for the "arizona daily star." while promising not to curtail the rights of responsible gun owners, the president wrote, quote, if we're serious about keeping guns away from someone who's made up his mind to kill, then we can't allow a situation where a responsible seller denies him a weapon at one store, but he effortlessly buys the same gun someplace else. don't expect a speech, though, on guns. >>> and yet another short-permaneshort-term budget extension is expected to pass keeping the government running through april 8th. this gives lawmakers three more weeks to find, quote, common ground on a long-term solution. some republicans are criticizing the white house and other democrats saying they are not negotiating in good faith. >> the democrats in the senate haven't even produced the bill. the president didn't even call the speaker till the day before when we were going. he enlisted the vice president to be the negotiator. they came in for one meeting. then the vice president left the country and we're only funneleded for two weeks. how serio
on libya's civil war and america's role in it. can he calm his critics in congress and explain to the american people why we're there? >>> radiation spreads to japan's
is saudi arabia is america's key ally here and supplying oil to supplant what is not coming out of libya. saudi a arabia is propping up the world economy at a time in enormous crisis, obviously what is happening in japan, more oil-dependent and less nuclear-dependent. germany shut down seven nuclear reactors. angela merkel responding to green, anti-government, anti-nuclear pressure domestically, a key election coming up there. there is going to be a lot more reliance on saudi arabia, they hold the dees continued oil from the gulf and iran and the shiite rebellion against these monarchies is a huge threat. >> and very quickly, andrea, i want to tap into your expertise, we got dick lugar saying that congress needs -- the president has to ask for a formal deck claar rakes of war to implement a no-fly zone. you have got john mccain and joe lieberman wanting a resolution just supporting the idea of a no-fly zone, almost calling for the president to implement one and chuck schumer on sunday saying congress doesn't need to say anything. what's your sense of what really congress is going to have
carney made yesterday in reaction to a question whether they should cancel the south america trip that the president will be leaving on, what he said was, you know, that's -- with respect to what's going on in japan, it's a joop niece crisis, it's not a crisis here in the united states, but when you're president of the united states, all big crises are your crises. when the stock market -- you spoke to becky quick. when the stock market is doing what it's doing, when it has an implication for u.s. energy policy, implication for our, you know, most important ally in the asian world, that's an american crisis also. i'm not saying he should cancel the trip. >> makes you wonder why anyone wants the job. tony fratto, thanks very much. we'll be right back. host: could switching to geico really save you 15% or more on car insurance? host: what, do you live under a rock? man: no way! man: hey rick check this out! anncr: geico. 15 minutes could save 15% or more on car insurance. >>> it's like been news whiplash lately. harry reid is standing his ground on social security. last night with l
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